Saturday, 3 February 2018

Love Yourself Now; Love Yourself Eternally.

Are you seeking love? Have you been searching in all the wrong places? Did you look in the pub? Did you look in the disco? Did you check out the new person at work? Did you speak to the waitress in the cafe where you go for lunch? What about that friendly girl on the bus who is always smiling at you?
 External is not the answer. Love starts with you - internally. Do you love yourself? Do you think that is a silly question? Maybe that is why you attract the people who you deem to be a bit silly or odd. It is actually odd  not to put yourself first in the search for love. Why wouldn't you want some of your own love? If you were giving out lollipops wouldn't you want to taste a sample first? Maybe you think your love doesn't taste as sweet as a lollipop.
 Many times I have heard people describing others as being sweet or tasty. However they do not seem to think themselves worthy of the compliment. Could this be due to a lack of self confidence? Have you ever considered that it may be your own lack of self esteem which is stopping you from being in a relationship with someone who you really want? Why do so many people settle for people and situations which are much lower, on the scale,  than what they really want? It is because they believe they are not worthy of their desires. Many men and women pass off what they truly want out of life as wishful thinking rather than even try to achieve it.
  It is necessary to live in the now. What you regret from the past will keep you there if you allow it to. You have to let go and move on. Did you do something bad? Did you love someone and mess up the relationship? Whatever it was let go of it. Likewise what may manifest in the future is not yet here. You can start working towards it now. However remain focused on the task at hand. Bear in mind that you are worthy of your intended outcome.
  When you love yourself it is visible and makes you attractive to others. Love yourself first then people will love you. Loving yourself consists of taking good care of yourself. Clean body, fresh clothes, polished shoes, good outward image, big smile for no apparent reason. Such people are always moving forward with their lives.Keen to get ahead and stay ahead. Self esteem  take you to places of which you would never have dreamed. Respect, inquisitiveness, love, choices. open doors and the stairs to the top.

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