Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Reiki And The Law Of Attraction.

Reiki does not only act on organisms. It can also be put to use in healing or changing situations. Do you like what you have brought into your life up till now? The law of attraction is always at work. However if we do not harness it then we will continue to, randomly, attract situations and people who we don't want.
 What me must aim for is conscious, intentional, attraction. Just recently I got back into regularly carrying out Reiki on myself on a daily basis. After a couple of days everything slid back into place. I have been putting out to the Universe for a JV partner for sometime. I attracted two partners in two days!
  When we are balanced we attract everything which is good for us and serves us. Should we go, even, slightly out of kilter then things become hard. We start to attract the things which are not good for us. We meet the negators and dreambusters. These are the people from whom we must stay away. In our space of self love we do this on autopilot. In temporary times and spaces of self doubt we are open to he elements and attract many strange goings on. It is like being in the Twilight Zone!
  In order to maintain order in our lives it is necessary to focus on keeping  a semblance of balance about us. Daily meditation and self healing techniques are what keep us on track for the life for which we come into this world. We are here as teachers as well as students. Don't be selfish about what you learn. Give it freely and watch what comes back.
 Be a lover and keep away from haters. Arguing with them changes your mood for the worse and you become a hater - of the haters! There will always be envious people, narcissists and liars. Keep clear. Meditating on their nonsense will only take away your positivity. Find your reason for being here and focus on that. That will bring you joy. Be an optimist.

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