Sunday, 30 October 2016

Reiki can solve problems by bringing about healing. People attract problems from many different sources. It is important to recognise that we attract that on which we focus. A problem shared is, in many cases, a problem intensified. In many cases our confidantes leak our problems and the whole neighbourhood knows what we are dealing with. Have you noticed the strange looks? Looks of pity from some. Looks of contempt from others. People even treat you differently.
   The holistic approach with which Reiki comes can change even these situations and improve the things with which we are dealing on a day to day basis. Nothing stays the same for ever. Reiki can speed up the process of going forward in our lives. There are symbols, yantras and mantras which are designed with specific problems in mind!  Everything and everybody can be healed.. There is room for improvement everywhere. In this world nothing is perfect.


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