Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Holistic Healing Using Yantras/Kanji And Mantras.

Reiki is a holistic treatment which is practised by the use of yantras or the Japanese kanji or letters. The pronunciations of these kanji or yantras act as healing mantras. The practitioner draws the yantra in the ether, in front of him, with his dominant hand. As he is doing this he is reciting a mantra usually internally. This calls the Reiki into the areas in the body, mind and soul where the healing is most needed. Many Reiki Therapists are accomplished meditators who meditate for long periods every day. This strengthens the practitioner spiritually and enhances the quality of his work. Reading spiritual works improves the quality of the mind and exercise alongside hatha yoga, practised over time, brings about great physical strength.
Reiki is a great tool for alleviating stress. Many hard hitters, in the business world, have their Reiki Therapist on their list of 'go to' people. These are the people who push them forward in their business capacity and push them towards their goals. As well as therapy, whatever the reason, they have accountability partners who hold them to their projected outcomes. Reiki gives them that boost of energy which takes them to the next level. It keeps them performing at the top of their game.

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