Monday, 17 October 2016

Discover How To Invite Reiki Into Your Life Now.

Reiki is a healing art which has existed for thousands of years. However it is often referred to as a New Age treatment. Have you ever taken some time out to wonder how Reiki came into being? Where it emanates from? How it works? Who uses it?
    Reiki originated in ancient Tibet. Only the monks in the Temples knew about it and how to apply it. It was a hidden art. Due to this it eventually became a lost art. For thousands of years only a handful of people knew about this art and how it worked. It was only after its rediscovery by Mikao Usui that the knowledge of Reiki became commonplace. Most people learned of its existence in a very short period of time.
     Since the late 19th Century Reiki has become a much practised therapy. It is no longer only known to a handful of monks. Anyone with a genuine interest in this art can learn about it and put it to good use and serve humanity. To learn it does not cost the Earth. one can become a Reiki Therapist the a Reiki Master by showing sincere interest and paying what would, nowadays, be considered a nominal fee. When Reiki first became available to the world some Masters charged as much as $100,000 to learn it. In this time one can become a Reiki Master for as little as $500!
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